Welcome to Croatian Cavalier King Charles Spaniel online pedigree database. Our goal is to combine and make available all information and facts on breeding of this amazing lineage.

If you are a lover of this graceful breed, or thinking on getting a Cavalier this site offers many useful information; list of reputable breeders with photos of their puppies and their ancestors, facts and information on their lineage, health testing and their success ...

We want to use this opportunity and say thank you to all Croatian Cavalier breeders on their unconditional help... without our combined efforts something like this wouldn't be possible. ..Thank you.

Off course this is only the beginning, we still have a lot of work ahead, and would appreciate you cooperation... any information will be appreciated and useful... Please contact us and visit this site often as new features are added. Send us your photos and facts on your Cavaliers so this would become the most complete site on Cavaliers in Croatia.

It is our hope that our site helps you in getting to know this lovely and elegant breed, and become your favorite source of information.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Melita Kukuljan, Iva Pogorilić Kravar & Frane Pogorilić

CKCS pedigree

Updated: 21.02.2021.
2417 dogs in database

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